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$10 1.  The Yaxha Emblem Glyph as Yax-ha, David Stuart (08/85)
  2.  A New Child-Father Relationship Glyph, David Stuart (08/85)
     [1 & 2 are bound together]

$5 3.  Problematic Emblem Glyphs: Examples from Altar de Sacrificios, El Chorro, Río Azul, and Xultun, Stephen D. Houston (10/86)

$10 4.  Notes on the Reading of Affix T142, Nikolai Grube (02/87)
  5.  Glyph T93 and Maya "Hand-scattering" Events, Bruce Love (02/87)
     [4 & 5 are bound together]

$10 6.  A Representation of the Principal Bird Deity in the Paris Codex, Karl A. Taube (07/87)
  7.  The Sun Also Rises: Iconographic Syntax of the Pomona Flare, Norman Hammond (07/87)
     [6 & 7 are bound together]

$15 8.  Obervations on T110 as the Syllable ko, Nikolai Grube & David Stuart (11/87)
  9.  Landa's Second Grapheme for u, Victoria R. Bricker (11/87)
  10.  A New Variant of the chak Sign, David Stuart (11/87)
     [8, 9 & 10 are bound together]

$15 11.  A Glyph for Self-Sacrifice in Several Maya Inscriptions, Federico Fahsen (11/87)
  12.  Bilingual Glyphs, Michael P. Closs (11/87)
  13.  A Carved Shell from the Northeastern Maya Lowlands, George Stuart (11/87)
     [11, 12 & 13 are bound together]

$12 14.  Ten Phonetic Syllables, David Stuart (12/87)

$5 15.  The Lake Güija Plaque, Stephen D. Houston & P. Amaroli (05/88)
     [bound with special supplement, A Guide to the Style and Content of the Series Research Reports on Ancient Maya Writing, George Stuart]

$12 16.  La Estela 1 de La Mojarra, Veracruz, México [text in Spanish & English], Fernando Winfield Capitaine (06/88)

$5 17.  A New Early Classic Text from Tikal, Federico Fahsen (09/88)

n/a 18.  Of Mice and Monkeys: The Value and Meaning of T1016, the God C Hieroglyph, William M. Ringle (12/88)
  19.  Glyph Drawings from Landa's Relación: A Caveat to the Investigator, George Stuart (12/88)
     [18 & 19 are bound together]
Out of print. Electronic facsimiles available at and

$15 20.  Lamanai Stela 9: The Archaeological Context, David M. Pendergast (12/88)
  21.  The Hieroglyphic Text of Stela 9, Lamanai, Belize, Michael P. Closs (12/88)
  22.  The Iconography of Lamanai Stela 9, Dorie Reents-Budet (12/88)
     [20, 21 & 22 are bound together]

n/a 23.  Hieroglyphic Inscriptions at Chichén Itzá, Yucatán, México: The Temples of the Initial Series, the One Lintel, the Three Lintels, and the Four Lintels, Ruth Krochock (07/89)
  24.  The Hieroglyphic Lintels of Yulá, Yucatán, México, Bruce Love (07/89)
  25.  The Great Ball Court Stone of Chichén Itzá, Linnea Wren (07/89)
     [23, 24 & 25 are bound together with The Hieroglyphic Record of Chichén Itzá and its Neighbors, George Stuart]
Out of print. Electronic facsimiles available at,,, and

$10 26.  Itzám Cab Ain: Caimans, Cosmology, and Calendrics in Postclassic Yucatán, Karl A. Taube (08/89)
  27.  The Mythological Identity of the figure on the La Esperanza ("Chinkultic") Ball Court Marker, Jeff Karl Kowalski (08/89)
     [26 & 27 are bound together]

$12 28.  The Royal Fifth: Earliest Notices of Maya Writing, Michael D. Coe (11/89)
  29.  The Beginning of Maya Hieroglyphic Study: Contributions of Constantine S. Rafinesque and James H. McCulloh, Jr., George Stuart (11/89)
     [28 & 29 are bound together]

$10 30.  The way Glyph: Evidence for "Co-essences" among the Classic Maya, Stephen D. Houston & David Stuart (12/89)

$15 31.  The "Axe/Comb" Glyph (T333) as ch'ak, Jorge L. Orejel (10/90)
  32.  A New Carved Panel from the Palenque Area, David Stuart (10/90)
  33.  A Sign for the Syllable mi, Nikolai Grube & Werner Nahm (10/90)
     [31, 32 & 33 are bound together with Bibliographica 1: The Campeche Edition of Stephens's Yucatán Journey, George Stuart]

n/a 34.  Glyph Y of the Maya Supplementary Series, Yoshiho Yasugi & Kenji Saito (04/91)
  35.  The Presence of Xiuhtecuhtli in the Dresden Codex, Karl A. Taube & Bonnie L. Bade (04/91)
     [34 & 35 are bound together]
Out of print. Electronic facsimile available at

$12 36.  Three Terminal Classic Monuments from Caracol, Belize, Arlen F. Chase, Nikolai Grube, & Diane Z. Chase (08/91)
  37.  An Early Maya Text from El Mirador, Guatemala, Richard D. Hansen (08/91)
     [36 & 37 are bound together]

$10 38.  A Reading for the "Penis-Manikin" Glyph and its Variants (Una interpretacion del glifo "maniqui-pene" y sus variantes), Victoria R. Bricker (05/92)
  39.  I am a Kahal; My Parents Were Scribes (Soy un kahal; mis parientes fueron escribas), Michael P. Closs (05/92)
     [38 & 39 are bound together]

$15 40.  The Discovery, Exploration, and Monuments of Nim Li Punit, Belize, Norman Hammond, Sheena Howarth, & Richard Wilk (02/99)
  41.  A Commentary on the Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of Nim Li Punit, Belize (Un comentario sobre los textos jeroglíficos de Nim Li Punit, Belice), Nikolai Grube, Barbara MacLeod, & Phil Wanyerka (02/99)
     [40 & 41 are bound together]

$15 42.  A Maya Wooden Figure from Belize (Una figura madera de Belice), George E. Stuart (07/99)
  43.  Nights Errant: A Look at Wayward Lords of the Night (Noches errante: una mirada a Señors díscolos de la noche), Bruce Frumker (07/99)
  44.  The Weavers in the Codices (Los tejedores en el codices), Mary A. Ciaramella (07/99)
     [42, 43 & 44 are bound together]

$15 45.  A New Inscription from Nim Li Punit, Belize (Una nueva inscripción de Nim Li Punit, Belice), David Stuart and Nikolai Grube (07/00)
  46.  The Syllabic Value of Sign T77 as k'i (El valor silábico del signo T77 como k'i), David F. Mora-Marín (08/00)
     [45 & 46 are bound together]

$15 47.  Quality and Quantity in Glyphic Nouns and Adjectives (Calidad y cantidad en sustantivos y adjectivos glíficos), Stephen Houston, John Robertson and David Stuart (01/01)

$15 48.  An Inscribed Shell Drinking Vessel from the Maya Lowlands (Un recipiente para beber, de concha, con inscripciones, proveniente de las tierras bajas mayas), George E. Stuart (12/01)
  49.  A Reading of the "Completion Hand" as TZUTZ (Una lectura del signo "mano-terminación como TZUTZ), David Stuart (12/01)
  50.  Evidence for Language Change in Ancient Maya Writing: A Case Study of the Verb Tzutz (Pruebas del cambio de lenguaje en las escritura maya antigua: Un estudio de caso del verbo Tzutz), Zachary X. Hruby and John S. Roberston (12/01)
     [48, 49 & 50 are bound together]

$15 51.  Hieroglyphic Evidence for the Historical Configuration of Eastern Ch'olan (Pruebas jeoglíficas para la configuarcíon histórica del ch'olan oriental), Søren Wichmann (02/02)
  51a.  A Brief Response to Wichmann's "Hieroglyphic Evidence for the Historical Configuration of Eastern Ch'olan" (RRAMW 51) (Una breve respuesta a "Pruebas jeroglíficas para la configuración histórica del ch'olan oriental de Wichmann), with A Reply to Robertson (Una contestación a Robertson) by Søren Wichmann, and Final Response (Repuesta final), John Robertson (03/04)
     [51 & 51a are bound separately but sold together]

$18 52.  The Bee-Keepers in the Madrid Codex (Los apicultores en el Códice Madrid), Mary A. Ciaramella (12/02)
  53.  Haab Rituals in the Maya Codices and the Structure of Maya Almanacs (Rituales Haab' en los códices mayas, y la estructura de almanaques mayas), Gabrielle Vail (12/02)
     [52 & 53 are bound together]

$18 54.  The Idol-Makers in the Madrid Codices, Mary A. Ciaramella (10/04)
  55.  Unwinding the Rubber Ball: The Glyphic Expression nahb' as a Numeral Classifier for "Handspan", Markus Eberl & Victoria Bricker (10/04)
     [54 & 55 are bound together]
Out of print. Electronic facsimilies available January, 2014.

$15 56.  A Reading for the "Earth-Star" Verb in Ancient Maya Writing, Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos (10/06)

$18 57.  A New Monument from Huntichmul, Yucatán, Mexico, William Ringle, George L. Bey & Tomás Gallareta Negrón (3/09)
  58.  Dates from the Well of Time, Chichén Itzá, Yucatán, Mexico, David H. Kelley (3/09)
     [57 & 58 are bound together]
$15 59.  Hieroglyphic Texts from El Osario, Chichén Itzá, Yucatán, Peter Schmidt and Bruce Love (8/09)

$12 60.  The Rise of Chak Ek', Uguku Usdi, Albert Saa, and Christopher Wehunt (10/13)

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